Dashilar Project was launched in 2011 by Beijing Dashilar Investment limited as an alternative redevelopment strategy for Dashilar, one of Beijing’s most original historic quarters, but also an area euphemistically termed an Urban Corner due to its crumbling infrastructure and architecture. Changes in policy, as well as a complicated property ownership situation inherited from previous governments led to stagnation in the area’s development, with the rest of the city’s ever-increasing, animated skyline highlighting Dashilar’s worsening condition. Commercial vacancies, an exploding migrant population and lack of developed infrastructure started to alienate Dashilar, once the part of the central business district, from the city as a whole.

Dashilar Project is an open platform where parties and stakeholders can collaborate on exploring new methodogies in reachingthis goal of a truly indigenous, sustainable and vibrant old city centre. Through the guiding principle of Nodal/Organic Revitalisation,Dashilar Project’s actions involve small scale experimentation and intervention on not only the physical infrastructure, such asarchitecture and services, but also the social, cultural and economic aspects of the area, the soft infrastructure.

Dashilar Project has already moved on to next phases that will help realising the scheme to enable the area to regain energy and prosperity.